The Fortnight for Freedom Begins Today!

The Fortnight for Freedom begins today (June 21) and goes through July 4.

Below, please click on your Diocese to find information about events going on near you.  Share this link with your family, friends and community so they too can participate in this unifying event.

Cincinnati • Cleveland • Columbus •  SteubenvilleToledoYoungstown

These links have information updated as of this morning, and Parishes are still adding events. If you do not see an event at your Parish or nearby your home, call your Parish or your Diocese and ask about Fortnight for Freedom events.

“The challenge facing you, dear friends, is to increase people’s awareness of the importance for society of religious freedom; to defend that freedom against those who would take religion out of the public domain and establish secularism as America’s official faith.  And it is vitally necessary for the very survival of the American experience, to transmit to the next generation the precious legacy of religious freedom and the convictions which sustain it.”—  Blessed John Paul II, 1995 Baltimore, Basilica of the Assumption      


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