Playing the Historical Alternatives Game

There was a movement / fad in the discipline of history some time ago in which alternative historical scenarios were played out.  Conventions were held on the topic and books were written.  What if Hitler had won World War II?  What if the Vikings had not conquered lands far and wide?  What if the Muslims had not been stopped at the gates of Vienna?  What if the Cuban Missile Crisis had ignited a nuclear holocaust?  What if Luther had recanted at the Diet of Worms?  What if John F. Kennedy had stuck by his guns as a faithful Catholic instead of selling out his allegiance to the faith at the 1960 Texas Baptist Convention?  What if all those aborted children had been born?  It takes knowledge and imagination to play the game, but the many consequences of every historical step and misstep are quickly appreciated as the unfolding of the alternatives is attempted.

We are at a turning point in American history.  Anybody with any knowledge of history, religious or political, will tell you that this is a dramatic moment in our history.

Read the entire article here.


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