Why Faith and Community Go Hand in Hand

At some point in my Christian journey, I discovered how vital community is for living a more vibrant faith. I’m one of the fortunate ones; the discovery for me began in college. I’m not saying my college days were perfect and that I didn’t stumble along like everyone else most of the time, but I…

The Book I Read in Prison

I was 29 and had been in prison in Spain for two years after committing a crime. At that time I saw God as being very far from my life. I thought he was in heaven and I was on earth. The only thing I was clear about was that he did exist.   read more…..

Mr. Thomas Winter’s Presentation on the HHS Mandate

Mr. Thomas Winter, a teacher of Public Policy, Public Administration and Business law at Ohio Dominican University, recently spoke to the parishioners of St. Timothy Church on how the HHS Mandate violates Catholics’ First Amendment rights and what they can do to help repeal this unjust law. To read his entire testimony click here.

40 Days for Life – What You Can Do

The Scripture readings for this week remind us of the value of life. Psalm 54 emphasizes “The Lord upholds my life.” God is the author and provider of life. Without God, our heart would never pulse a single beat nor would we ever take a single breath. He alone has the right to choose when…