There Be Dragons

Today the Church has the option of celebrating the Feast Day of St. George. While there are many legends surrounding his life, we do know that St. George was a soldier in the Roman army; he died because he refused to offer sacrifice to the pagan gods under Emperor Diocletian. St. George is often pictured slaying a dragon, and let’s be quite clear, St. George was fighting dragons. St. George fought against both the devil and the temptation to follow the laws of men rather than God.

In these uncertain times, when the most fundamental issues such as marriage and children, life and freedom are under attack, we should look to St. George. Because we are often tempted to give in, to agree to disagree. Our culture embraces everything that is easy, arguing that all things will eventually evolve and change. Often times, we cannot even engage people in debates, because they simply don’t care. It’s easier to have a life of convenience and complacency than to seek the truth.

So what must we do?

Most importantly, we should remember to pray! Prayer is our most powerful weapon. Attend Mass as often as you can. Our Lady gave us the Rosary to fight heresies and soften hearts. It is through prayer that we will find peace, and our prayers will strengthen all of our good works.

We must fight our own dragons. We must fight the temptation to turn everything into a political debate where there is a clear winner and loser. We must fight the temptation to be silent and fearful. We must educate ourselves, so that we may be able to share the truth with others. We will never be perfect, but we should be striving to be saints.

Then, we must go out into the world. With charity, we will conquer proud. With the eternal truths of the Church, we can overcome ignorance. All of this must start in our own communities and our families. We must get our own houses in order if we want to evangelize our culture.



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