Adult Toy Company Could Get a Tax Break

Cincinnati is the home of many big businesses including: Kroger, Proctor and Gamble and Fifth Third Bank to name a few. Now, a new company that is not so family friendly, is thinking about moving its headquarters to Cincinnati.  Pure Romance, a company dedicated to selling “relationship enhancement products,” aka adult sex toys, is thinking about moving its headquarters to Cincinnati Ohio. The business model for Pure Romance is based on women throwing different parties like a “back on the market party” or bachelorette party. It’s at these parties that they will market some items that would be better kept on the pages of 50 Shades of Grey; products that require you to be 18 years or older to even access the online store.

The City Manager of Cincinnati, Milton Dohoney Jr., is actually encouraging Pure Romance to move its headquarters to Cincinnati. In exchange for moving 116 new jobs to Cincinnati, the City Council would offer a tax break to Pure Romance called a job creation tax credit (JCTC) incentive.  This incentive would be a credit against the company’s local net profits tax obligation, equivalent to forty percent of the value of the individual earnings  tax generated by its employees, for a period of six years. The company would be subject to an additional reporting and compliance period of three years, for a total commitment of nine  years. This incentive could possible be worth up to $353,204.

Yes, we understand that it’s important to keep our economy growing. But our government should not be helping companies that distort the real purpose and meaning of our human dignity and sexuality.

Contact the City of Cincinnati TODAY and tell them not to give a tax break to Pure Romance.



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