Harvard’s Black Mass

The Harvard Extension Cultural Studies Club and the Satanic Temple, an organization known for stirring up controversy, plan on hosting a black mass at Harvard’s Queens Head Pub on May 12th at 8:30pm. They claim that performing a black mass is “an academic narration that explores the ritual’s unique history and practice.” The Club acts as if a black mass is as innocuous as a Shinto tea ceremony, Buddhist meditations or a Shaker exhbition (some of the other activities sponsored by the club).

Performing a black mass in and of itself is a mockery of the Catholic Mass and our religion. While the Satanic Temple has claimed that they will not use a consecrated host, there is still some ambiguity. Elizabeth Scalia aka “The Anchoress” has been reporting extensively on the issue, and you can read her articles here.

Desecrating the body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ and insulting Catholics is not an academic practice: it’s an outrage and sacrilege. Please pray and fast for all those involved and that this event will not happen. You could also attend a Eucharistic holy hour to combat this evil.


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