When marriage means the world…..Nancy Pelosi would destory it

Maybe you saw that Nancy Pelosi described the march to defend true marriage against new definitions of marriage as “venom masquerading as virtue.” 

http://www.sfgate.com/politics/article/Nancy-Pelosi-urges-S-F-archbishop-to-exit-5553084.php.  The old gal can turn a phrase, but she remains ignorant of her own faith.

The march to defend marriage is not a show of opposition to homosexual men and women, but the stalwart solidarity with an insight that is fundamental to the well being of each and every human person.

Studies have long focused on the role of fairy tales in the lives of children.  Many point out that they provide an opportunity for children to try on roles and set forth on adventures without ever leaving the comfort of a good chair.  This enhances development and character as the young imagination and intellect are engaged in envisioning directions for life.  We can all remember hearing or reading a good story and seemingly ‘entering into’ the story, losing track of time and even where we were as we vicariously lived through that adventure and the characters of that tale.  Some tales are more lasting than others.  Some seem to mimic real life dilemmas and the possible resolutions of those conundrums better than others.  The more realistic the dynamics of the tale, the more they reflect the ways of the human heart, the more beloved they become and the larger the real estate they tend to occupy in our imaginations and memories.  Old Yeller seems to never get old, while it is easy to forget many of the Disney products, but not all, before they have even ended.  The human heart resists mass production and deadlines for new content.

St. Pope John Paul pointed out in his Theology of the Body that the love of the husband and wife create an ambiance which is the world for a child.  Maybe you have noticed that children are never happier than when their father and mother are being loving to one another and never more stressed than when they are acting unloving to one another.  The love of one man and one woman in the communion of marriage creates the universe in which children grow and thrive.  This is not a concocted religious doctrine which needs to be discarded now that the Obama administration has enlightened the United States.  This is a simple fact about the nature of the human animal and the structure of its soul. The Catholic Church understands that men and women are uniquely suited for one another, and not only physically, to create a unity which is represented by the word, ‘marriage.’  That unity is a world for the children they raise. Men cannot create this with men nor can women make this with women.  Divorce shatters this unity.  While the divorced man and the divorced woman can find healing for their hearts and reestablish themselves emotionally, the world of the child, even when he or she is an adult, is permanently shattered.  The fundamental unity and stability that is given by the love of husband and wife is inexplicably broken, wounding the children in a manner that tends to never be fully mended.  That divorce is hardest on the children is so well established in science that it is a truism.  Euphemisms such as ‘blended family’ only indicate the best possible coping with a devastating wound.  John Paul would go on to describe the family as the ‘laboratory of love’ and famously state that the future of humanity passes through the family, so important is the communion of husband and wife for the health and wholesomeness of each person.

Father’s Day and Mother’s Day are sometimes derided as ‘Hallmark’ holidays and not taken as seriously as, say, the Fourth of July or Memorial Day.  There is something ‘lite’ about the nature of these days.  But they indicate a deep truth about human life: we each need and deserve a mother and a father.  The commandment to ‘honor your father and your mother’ is not arbitrary.  It is essential to the psychological unity and  wholeness of the person.  Religious insight meets scientific research in these civic holidays.  Defense of the complementarity of husband and wife, the unique design of the Creator, is not “hate speech.”  It is a reality to be defended lovingly. It cannot be mimicked or copied.  Homosexual attraction cannot find a path to the full reality represented by true marriage and the presence of a father, loved by a mother, and a mother, loved by a father.  St. Pope John Paul the Great would say that marriage is the primordial substratum of human experience.  It is enough just to say it means the world to each of us.


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