As If They Did Not Mean Catholics…..

Ominously, Governor Andrew Cuomo, second generation New York State governor and Roman Catholic self-hater, declared that pro-lifers “have no place in the State of New York.”  But Cuomo is only a part of a larger trend not to win arguments on merit, but to outlaw or ban the discussion of the life of the unborn altogether.  In doing so, they are saying to all Roman Catholics, “Your opinion does not count.  Shut up.”  The need to stand up for your Church is clear.


By conjuring the image of a crazed, possibly gun toting and aggressive anti-abortion lunatic, he fails to mention that he is stating that the religious doctrine of nearly six million New Yorkers disqualifies them from in his eyes from being a part of the state’s life.  There is no place in New York for Roman Catholics.  This is not to count Orthodox Jews and Muslims who are pro-life as well as millions of other men and women of good faith.  More here:

Likewise, it is becoming increasingly difficult to vote for pro-life bills in the nation of Canada.  Again it is a Roman Catholic of dubious understanding and fidelity that is leading the charge against the Church.  Justin Trudeau, like his father, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, believes that killing the unborn is a woman’s privilege and needs to be defended, even it means banning Roman Catholics who are, unlike himself, faithful to the teaching wisdom of the ancient faith.  More here:

And then there is the scorched earth politics of the US Senate which would push forward a bill that eliminates every restriction on abortion or requirement that the procedure be done in safety and with proper medical oversight, expectations of every other medical procedure EXCEPT abortion.  Notoriously bad doctors with gruesome work habits are an embarrassment to even the most hardened pro-abortion advocate.  Hermit Gosnell is the latest to come to mind.  They would be free to practice without oversight if this bill passed.  More here:




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