Massachusetts to Fund Mutilation

Even while the changes in health care refuse to allow for the moral behavior of Catholics who decline to pay for abortions and contraceptive drugs or devices which we understand to be intrinsically disordered, or evil, outcomes for the gift of human sexuality and the life it is empowered to conceive, new activities of depravity and confusion are being funded by state and federal governments.

The most recent is the announcement that those boys or men who get too much in touch with their inner feminine side can now have their bodies surgically and chemically altered at the expense of the tax payer so that they would live as mutilated men dressed as women.  Correcting God’s “mistakes” is now a tax payer funded activity.

Morality cannot be separated from health care.  Abortion is never health care.  Gender confusion is a highly questionable diagnosis with surgical intervention a horrible prescription for health.  If this so called remedy is not the answer, who pays for the repair?  What standard of acceptance must a procedure meet before it is deemed acceptable for tax payer aid?  Is political pressure the only measure of good health care?  How long before that which is allowed will be required? Elective surgeries, especially these more bizarre remedies, should not be paid for by faithful Catholic tax payers who understand these situations for what they are: sad lives being made worse by confused medical advice devoid or any sense of nature or its Creator. A more conservative approach to what is funded or not funded by a governmental health care system would seem prudent and just, for both the patient and the taxpayer.

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