Premeditated Humaritarian Crisis, Premeditated Political Opportunity

It was early in Barack Obama’s first term with Rohm Emmanuel as his Chief of Staff that word leaked out of the White House that a particular weather related disaster (hurricane, flood, tornado) was being treated as a political opportunity.  Emmanuel had advised that no tragic national moment was without its chance to harvest some political cache for the party and the president.  Such cynicism about the lives of Americans has come to be accepted as simply the modus operandi of this president.

Now it seems that Americans are not the only ones to serve the political needs of this man with their very lives.  There has been a number of reports that the promise of an amnesty bill with advantages especially for the YOUNG illegal immigrants present in the country at the time of its passing was in the works.  That word was allowed to travel to points south, just as the border guard was relaxed and agents were reportedly tied down to office work and kept from the field and the watch.  Predictably, young boys and girls flooded across the border, creating what can only be called (and what was meant to be called) a “humanitarian crisis.”  Whether or not it was premeditated, the name is an apt description for thousands of youth without parent or guardian, protection or necessities even of food and water, left sitting with great expectations on our side of the border.  Here is a chance for the savior, Barack Obama, to come to the rescue of these innocents, collecting the political capital to force his version of the Dream Act and immigration reform, through Congress, all while locking up another demographic of young voters as future Democratic voters, bought and paid for by the American taxpayer.

Now comes the revelation that this premeditation is more than a theory.  It seems the Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (DHS and ICE) had shopped for contractors to accompany 65,000 foreign national youth as far back as January.  Read here for more:

These boys and girls deserve better than to be used as pawns in the politics of this president.  Nothing seems of value to this administration except that it has political value, including unborn citizens, illegally resident youth, natural disasters and universal healthcare.  Add to this the attacks on the First Amendment (from of religious belief) and the Second Amendment (the right to bear arms) and it is right to wonder if there are any boundaries of dignity and honor which this administration will not cross.



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