News from the Front: Obama’s Jihad Against the Catholic Church

There are a well known list of complaints wherein the Obama administration directly attacks the Roman Catholic Church and her interests in the United States.  After decades, even centuries, of being treated with varying degrees of respect, but rarely as an enemy, this is a rare experience for Catholics in America.  From the HHS Mandate to the banning of Roman Catholic agencies from social service contracts and licenses because they refuse to recommend for abortion or place children in the homes of homosexual ‘couples,’ the list is long and well known.  But there are additional assaults on the Church beyond that. 

Reducing the nature of ‘religious life’ deserving of freedom to strictly the events within the walls of the church itself is a radically new and limiting way of hemming in the life and influence of Catholics in America.  No universities, hospitals, schools, soup kitchens or other agencies need apply.  Likewise, the attack on any legislation which would allow for a conscience clause for Catholics who cannot support abortion or homosexual ‘marriages’ is one more affront.  In 2010 we learned that NASA’s top priority was to reach out to Muslim nations.  See more:  If that is not bizarre Imageenough, the Secretary of State has announced his efforts to enlist a transgendered ambassador.  More here:  We can imagine how that would go over in most nations, especially those same Muslim nations to whom NASA is appealing.  Where then?  The Vatican?  One can only hope not.


These add up to a combination of direct attacks on Catholic interests as well as a cacophony of attacks on the culture which is home for the Catholic faith and friendly to it, actively and aggressively substituting a set of circumstances in which Roman Catholicism is a foreign and alien way of life. Such it has been in most stages of history. The Church has thrived, grown strong, self-assured and clear-eyed under persecution in the past and would expect to do so again. But who thought it would come so fast and in America?


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