Women’s, Men’s and the Family’s Well Being: The Catholic Vision and What Could Have Been

The Roman Catholic vision of the healthy woman is not a series of ‘no’s,’ but rather an age-old and wholesome understanding of the role played by human sexuality, love and family.  It is one which understands the relationship of man and woman and appreciates the ‘communion of persons’ which they form by their interpenetrating love for one another.  One of the losses suffered in the battle against

abortion and other forms of immoral interference with a woman’s health is that the “yes” to womanhood is lost in the ‘no’ to the destructive vision of liberation which is offered by the mainstream feminist movement.  It is a liberation which scars the soul and compromises the character of the woman who follows the prescriptions of contraception, sexuality unhinged from responsibility and abortion as a solution to unexpected pregnancy.  More here:  http://www.ncregister.com/blog/elise-italiano/weighing-womens-well-being/

The cultural impact of contraception, which separates the unative and the procreative functions of human sexuality and so allows sexual activity to become something cheapened, even within marriage, can be seen in the tendency of couples not to marry and also to bear children outside of the commitment and stability of marriage.  The fruit of these births into homes that do not have two parents committed to love one another and the fruit of the marriage will continue to show itself over the generations.  While God can work wonders in any situation, these homes lack the advantages which previous generations could take for granted.  More here:  http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/americans-in-late-twenties-having-record-number-of-births-out-of-wedlock-re


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