Incredibly Hard Heart and Anti-Child Purpose on The View

Catholics have real answers to real problems, not archaic rules and abstract principles with no earthly application. Most Americans, indeed most Catholics, are not well versed on the finer points of Roman Catholic sexual ethics.  Catholic ethics are ahead of the time, not behind.  They are more scientific than other practices, not less.  They  are surprisingly relevant, surprisingly practical and unique in their field.  If you can find a better sexual ethic, take it!  You won’t.   Here is an article about just how wrong life can go when these fundamentals of sexual ethics are disregarded.   More here: 

While the news roars in support and in outraged opposition of the Supreme Court’s decision in the Hobby Lobby case, few appreciate that the Catholic Church takes an stricter opposition to the distribution of contraceptives (in addition to the objectionable abortion causing medications) than do the Green family, the evangelical owners of Hobby Lobby.  Catholics see two functions of human sexuality in all its glory: it makes love and babies.  In other words, our sexuality has a unitive and a procreative function.  And they both should be present in every act of sexual communion.  Separating them leads to immediate temptations, real evils and complex moral dilemmas which could hardly be imagined before the contraceptive mentality overwhelmed western culture.

For this, and other important reasons, in vitro fertilization is not considered moral either.  The procreative act (baby making )is separated from the unitive act (love making).  What is so wrong about that, you ask?  Consider just this story from The View’s own Sherri Shepherd.  An anonymous donor’s egg, a former husband’s sperm, a surrogate to carry the child to term and a divorced woman who has NO interest in the financial expense of raising the child combine to create only one of many, many impossibly difficult moral situations.



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