New Threats to the Church Being Ginned Up By Democrats

Both the White House and Democrats in Congress are continuing their unrelenting attack on religion, especially Roman Catholics.  Unhappy with the outcome of the Hobby Lobby decision, Democrats in Congress are devising a bill which would provide a mechanism to simply do away with the rights of Religious Freedom and any conscience clause at all for those who object to paying for abortions for their employees.  While this radical move might be proved to be unconstitutional, getting to the point where that is proven might be a long road, especially given the fact that the women on the Supreme Court seem to react to imagined consequences more than actual results of decisions (see previous blog post). 

Read here for more on Democrats attempt to abrogate rights of Christians to be exempt from immoral laws: 

and here:

Meanwhile, in the White House, an Executive Order has caught the attention and concerns of the Bishops of the Catholic Church.  It appears that the order will prohibit federal funds from being used in agencies which will not favor homosexual couples.  Catholic service agencies could suffer the consequences if there are no exceptions.  Instead of finding ways for two world views to coexist, the Obama administration continues to arrogantly assume it can change or extinguish Roman Catholic influence and doctrine.  The order “would prohibit companies and agencies that do business with the federal government from discriminating against employees on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.”  More here: 

Read more:



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