Further Down the Secular Road: An Eye on Religious Oppression in Canada

There have been attempts in the United States to found Christian law schools to prepare attorneys who will be able to argue on behalf of religious freedom.  Canada is coming late to the realization that this is a good idea with the formation of Trinity Western Law School, in the mold of Ave Maria Law School (www.avemarialaw.edu) and Patrick Henry College (evangelical Christian) in America. 

But, the opposition is in rare form and is calling the question on sexual preference over religious freedom before Trinity Western even gets off the ground. Predictably it is the LBGT lobby that is leading the attack on Trinity Western.  “Though TWU is yet to file a writ, there is no doubt it will do so if necessary. The coming legal battle has been much anticipated, not least because it will advance the principle of “reasonable balance” for resolving conflicts between two rights—in this case, religious freedom and sexual preference.” Read more on these thoroughly American issues here.  http://www.catholicworldreport.com/Item/3255/whats_behind_attempts_to_block_canadas_only_christian_law_school.aspx

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