Catholics and Democrats…..Oil and Water?

For generations the inaccurate portrayal of the Republican Party as the party of WASPy establishment businessmen has been thrown up in contrast to the equally inaccurate image of the Democratic Party as the home for workers, immigrants and the ‘middle class’. For that reason, generations of Catholics, sons and daughters of Italian, Irish, German, Spanish and a host of other late nineteenth century immigrants, have found themselves loyal to the Democratic party with an uncritical, even unintelligent, loyalty that borders on violence. I remember my Irish grandfather, union railroader saying, “If Richard Nixon came to the door, I would not let him in.” Now, after decades of abuse of the Catholic conscience with the aggressive support of abortion, euthanasia and, now, gay marriage, Catholics are finally reexamining their allegiances. Recently, Cardinal Raymond Burke had a lot to say on the topic. You will remember

Cardinal Burke’s warning of several years ago that the Democratic Party was in danger of becoming the ‘party of death.’ Here are his more recent comments:

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