Law by Politics? Or Law by Reason?

By linking the movement to call homosexual partnering “marriage” to the civil rights movements, a just and righteous triumph in this nation’s history, the LBGT propagandists have overwhelmed the debate about ‘gay marriage.’ But as time moves forward there are opportunities to reflect on just what marriage is and, frankly, just what homosexual activity is. One is a fully human activity, designed by our Creator to engage humans in the creative (procreative) and loving activity known as marriage. The other is not. And yet, the effort to overwhelm this reflection with political muscle and a raging public opinion continues. Television ads are now coming to Ohio where the ballot has been avoided on this issue and the LBGT folks are hoping for court action to further their agenda. Read here:

And yet, there are signs that reason will endure.

The European Court has ruled that gay marriage is not a human right. More here:

Maybe there is a hope that reason will prevail once violent emotion has subsided?

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