Silence is Consent to the Genocide of Christians?!?

This symbol is a sign of solidarity with the Christians being martyred by Muslims. It is puzzling at times why the White House does not speak on some issues. Sometimes it would be politically neutral or even advantageous to speak, and yet a deafening silence remains. The news from the Middle East on the murder of innocent non-combatant Christians just for being Christians has been well documented and is available all over the internet and social media. Muslims machine gunning unarmed Christians by the dozens. The crucifixion of Christians and, most recently, the beheading of hundreds of moderate Muslims. These are crimes that wrench the human heart and shock all people of good faith. And yet all we get is silence from Barak Obama while he fundraises and jokes his way from one stop to another. Now a US Congressman is asking questions.

Read here of coverage of Congressman Frank Wolf’s challenge that the White House’s silence is complicit in genocide!

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