The Wreck of the Ed Fitzgerald: Hiding his Catholic Faith

The principle of non-contradiction, that opposite facts cannot both be true, is a gift from the ancient Greeks which is a part of the founding of western civilization. Ed Fitzgerald seems to take exception to that principle and wants to believe one thing in some “private” religious life (which true Catholics do not aspire to hold!) and the exact opposite in his public life. What a phony! Ed Fitzgerald wants to be governor of the great state of Ohio. As one might guess from his Irish surname, he has been raised as a Catholic. As one might guess from his party affiliation, he is ashamed of his Church’s stance on abortion and homosexuality and is running from it. Is he a member of the Church which holds life to be sacred and marriage to be between one man and one woman, or is he not? It is called cognitive dissonance when contradictions are held at once, a state of tension and anxiety and falsehood. Read more here:–private.html

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