Havard’s black mass was cancelled!

The black mass scheduled to take place last night at Harvard has been “postponed indefinitely” amid protests from the Catholic community in Boston and around the country. Petitions against the event garnered over 60,000 signatures. Satanic black mass ‘postponed indefinitely’ amid outcry from the Catholic News Agency  

Harvard’s Black Mass

The Harvard Extension Cultural Studies Club and the Satanic Temple, an organization known for stirring up controversy, plan on hosting a black mass at Harvard’s Queens Head Pub on May 12th at 8:30pm. They claim that performing a black mass is “an academic narration that explores the ritual’s unique history and practice.” The Club acts…

Religious Freedom vs. Same Sex Marriage

While the Ohio Constitution only recognizes marriages between one man and one woman, the marriage debate is still going strong in Ohio. Recently The Columbus Dispatch published an article on how gay marriage groups disagree on whether or not gay marriage should be put on the ballot this coming November or later, perhaps in 2016.

Ohio Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Yesterday Representative Bill Patmon (D-Cleveland) and Represenative Tim Derickson (R-Oxford) introduced the Ohio Religious Freedom Restoration Act (ORFRA) to the Ohio House of Represenatives. The Ohio Religious Freedom Restoration Act would help protect and individual First Amendment right to freely practice his or her religion by preventing substantially burdensome laws against the free practice of religion. Thus, individuals…

Get Out the Vote Tomorrow!

Pope Francis recently told us that good Catholics meddle in politics, explaining that politics is one of the highest forms of charity, because it deals with the common good. We are responsible for the politicians in office and holding them accountable. Here are the local offices that will be on the ballot tomorrow, November 5th:…