Efforts to De-Christianize Society

The NC Register has an interesting article on the former Soviet Union’s effort to de-Christianize society in the first half of the twentieth century. This article in particular focused on a collection of anti-Christian propaganda posters. You can find the article here.

Perhaps the saddest thing from this article was the fact that elements of those posters are now relevant in American society today. Look around, anti-Christian, and in particular anti-Catholic, propaganda is all around us. Maybe not in the form of government produced propaganda posters, but what about many of the popular books, movies, songs and jokes out there that mock our clergy, our Faith and our sacred traditions? When was the last time you ventured out and saw or heard something that mocks our faith? Chances are as soon as you walk out the door, or even turn on your computer, you will find any number of secular, ant-Catholic assaults.

So what are we to do? Learn and profess the Faith of course! But we must also be aware of what our leaders in society and the government are doing. Our culture is no longer Christian and we can not look to it to defend our Faith. If you see your child’s school enforcing policies that are against our Faith or a councilman considering a policy that is anti-religious — speak up! If not you, who will?


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