Can We Talk?


There is a steady stream of articles coming out which expose the ugliness of radical Islam and ask pointed questions about the humanity of these persons who purport to be following the Koran and the prophet religiously.  The latest news is that the group whose name keeps changing, the terrorists formerly known as ISIS, has been crucifying their perceived opposition across the territories they have recently required.   The fate of Christians in that territory is of grave concern and even CNN is covering the plight in which they find themselves.  Many are simply waiting to be killed so dire are their circumstances.

The late great Rev. Richard John Neuhaus, founder and editor of First Things, often wrote of the silence of leading Muslim moderates in condemning even the most shockingly inhumane behaviors of their radical coreligionists.  In the face of increasingly brutal and degraded actions taken in the name of Islam, that silence seems more and more like consent and raises its own set of questions.  Are moderate Muslims afraid to speak?  Are moderate Muslims simply non-observant Muslims who have no theologically excellent response to the terrorists?  Is there such a sense of offense against Islam by the West even among the moderates that extremes of inhumanity seem justifiable and satisfying?

It has not been politically correct to make sweeping statements about any religion, especially Islam, but the fruit from this tree, or at least an offshoot of this tree, is so poisonous that questions are not being asked in the light of day, “Just what kind of tree do we have here?”

Catholics and all who care about how we care for and about humanity will find in these articles refreshing questions which have long been suppressed.  It is time to think out loud and together about such behaviors.


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